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Derma Roller

Do you want to grow the perfect beard?

Our Derma Roller will change your beard growth, help promote a much healthier, and thicker beard. Our beard care tool has a 0.25mm size which is the best and safe length. Just clean before any use and roll vertically, horizontally, and diagonally on the coverage areas about 5 - 10 times each.

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For many men, the ideal beard is thick, evenly distributed facial hair. However, growing the perfect beard is not always easy for some, which is why we created the derma beard roller, a clever gadget that can help avoid the dreaded thin & patchy beard.

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Why choose the Derma Roller?

Glowing Skin: The derma roller creates thousands of minuscule contact points, promoting a natural healing process that rejuvenates and repairs the skin for a smoother, healthier beard.

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Safe and Painless: The Derma Roller has a 0.25mm size, which is the best and most secure length. Simply clean before use and roll 5 - 10 times vertically, horizontally, and diagonally on the coverage areas.

Easy to Use: Apply gentle pressure on your skin and area to promote beard growth.

Package Include(s):

1 x  Derma Roller