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Magic Practice Book


The most effective method of teaching your children to write!

Wanna Boost Your Child's Writing Skills?

Our Magic Practice Book will not only have your children make huge progress in their reading and writing, but their general intellect too! It lets your curious child test their  analytical and problem skills, in discovering how to properly write words and numbers without fail!


The Magic Ink Disappears After 30 Minutes to Allow for Multiple Uses

Practice makes perfect and our magic ink pen lets kids practice over and over and over...


Helps Develop a Better Grip and Motor Skills

The included grip holder helps kids master the art of grip and writing the correct way.


Not Just for Kids!

It's never too late to learn. The number of reviews from parents and even grandparents who used our Magic Practice Book to enhance their handwriting amazed us at first. Adults can practice different handwriting skills and fonts.


It Doesn't Matter What Subject You Need Help With; We've Got You Covered!

  • Math Magic Practice Book -  Help kids learn how to calculate.
  • Alphabet Magic Practice Book -  Learning English words and practice skills of writing.
  • Number Magic Practice Book-  Funny graphics help kid open the door to digital minds.
  • Drawing Magic Practice Book -  Help kids recognize various graphics, make them learning while playing.



  • 4 Magic Practice Book (Math - Number- Alphabet - Drawing)
  • 1 Pen
  • 5 Refills
  • 1 Pen holder