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Magnetic Portable Phone Charger

Carry your wireless charging power bank wherever you go!

Our  Magnetic Wireless Power Bank for iPhone and Android models is featured by compact size but large capacity so that it will be the right partner for your Phone.

The built-in magnets will snap onto your device and begin charging wirelessly. No more carrying cables or worrying about low battery.

Portable Design.  Be on the go with the wireless charging feature. Thanks to its portable and lightweight design—you can charge up your device even when on the move by simply attaching your iPhone to the magnetic charging module.

Dual Charging. Charge up to two devices at the same time. It has dual USB-C and lightning input ports for adaptable and versatile charging.

Multi-Directional Charging. Be able to flip your smartphone vertically or swiftly charge it horizontally through Multi-Directional charging. This feature makes the input ports accessible, so you can use the wireless MagSafe and charge another compatible device with a cable at the same time.

Promising Power Delivery. With Promate Powermag-10+ Blue Power Bank’s battery capacity of 10000mAh, a 20 watts Supercharge port, and a 15 watts MagSafe charging, you can experience a promising power delivery.



  • Connector Type: Type C
  • Certification: FCC
  • Compatible Brand: iPhone, Android
  • Output Power: 10W


  • 1 x Neo Charge – Magnetic Wireless Power Bank