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Multifunction Wireless Charger

Looking for a wireless charger that can do it all?

Look no further than the Multifunction Wireless Charger.

This Qi-standard charger supports wireless charging output of up to 15W, making it perfect for phones and other devices.

The Receivable design conceals and retracts the earphones and mobile phones on both sides, while the built-in self-locking switch is convenient and smart.

You'll also appreciate the Side Earphone Charging feature – perfect for charging Qi protocol wireless charging devices discreetly.

Plus, with a human-like non-slip side cushion design at the bottom, your device will be safe and secure while charging.


Input voltage and current Input:9V 12V-2A
Output For Phone:15W
Output For Watch:5W
Output For Earphone:5W
Frequency:105 -205 Khz
Conversion Efficiency:70%



1 x Multifunction Wireless Charger