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Multifunctional Cross Triangle Drill Bit


Create A Perfect, Clean Hole Through Any Surface!

Our  Multifunctional Cross Triangle Drill Bit offers deep, perfect holes without causing any cracks or other damages from the materials.

It features a  cross angle tip that helps in reducing any skating and walking as you work.

Allowing you to  effortlessly drill neatly and stably at a high speed through any surface!

Perfect for brick, ceramic tiles, glass, marble, granite, wood, copper, iron and other materials.

Universal Drill Bit

Providing you a smooth, steady pressure drilling with an accurate finish.

Cross Angle Design

It efficiently drills stably at a high speed through hard surfaces without causing the bits and the materials any cracks or damages.

Anti-Slip Hex Shanks

Our drill bit has a universal hex shank that can fit into all power tools easily for a quick change.


  • 1 x Multifunctional Cross Triangle Drill Bit (SET)