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Multifunctional Electric Oil Pump


Lightweight, easy to install, and carry.

The portable submersible oil pump has stable performance and is completely sealed and insulated.

The wire is 3 meters long and the pump port diameter is 16 mm.

Suitable for large harvesters, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, large-wheeled tractors, etc.


Using DC12V direct current motor, low noise, fast speed. It has good sealing performance and adopts multiple seals to prevent leakage and prolong service life.

The stainless steel shell increases the thickness of the shell, makes the shell stronger, is not easy to deform, and can effectively prevent the shell from rust and rot.

There is a stainless steel filter in the bottom filter of the oil well pump to make the diesel oil (or water) pumped out cleaner.


  • Stainless steel
Product Size
  • 16CM ├Ś 9CM ├Ś 5CM
Product Weight
  • 12v clip 38mm white oil pump´╝Ü330G
  • 24v clip 38mm white oil pump´╝Ü351G
  • 12v 38mm golden oil pump´╝Ü356G
Product Includes
  • ┬á1 x┬áMultifunctional Electric Oil Pump