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Spirograph Geometric Ruler Set


Looking for some fun activities with kids at home? Spirograph is just ODDLY ADDICTIVE!

Our Spirograph Geometric Ruler Set is an all-inclusive set that allows you to create countless amazing spirographs. 

Creating all of those dizzying and cool drawings can provide hours of fun, as well as training artistic imagination and building geometry intuition. 

Perfect for making cards, bookmarks, festive decorations, drawings, installation art, and more!

You can keep producing new patterns and enhance the design by switching colors and gears.

All-Inclusive Spirograph Package: 15 wheels and 4 shaped wheels in all-new unique shapes. create a never-before-seen assortment of spirograph designs.

Endless Creativity: Spirograph is an interesting element that can be incorporated into various crafts and DIY projects.

Continuous Fun: Able to entertain your kids for hours as they can produce new patterns and enhance the design by switching colors and gears.

Durable Materials: Made of premium eco-friendly ABS plastic. The edges are smooth and not sharp which is completely safe to use.


  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Style:Standard Set / Advanced Set



  • 1 x Spirograph Geometric Ruler Set